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The asymmetric radio structure and record jet of giant quasar 4C34.47

Giant double-lobed radio source 4C34.47 displays a straight one-sided jet, measuring a record length of 380kpc, in its double-lobed radio structure. Assuming an intrinsically symmetric two-sided jet structure the radio source jet axis must be at least 33 degrees away from the sky plane, that is within 57 degrees from the line of sight. The radio polarization properties indicate that this giant source has largely outgrown the depolarizing halo generally associated with the host galaxies of powerful radio sources. The measured small depolarization asymmetry is nevertheless in accordance with its inferred orientation. All data for this giant radio source are in agreement with its preferred orientation as predicted within the unification scheme for powerful radio sources. Seen under a small aspect angle the radio source is large but not excessively large. The global properties of 4C34.47 do not differ from other giant (old) FR2 radio sources: it is a slowly expanding low-luminosity radio source.