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The Effelsberg-Bonn HI Survey: Milky Way data

Since autumn 2008 an L-band 7-Feed-Array is operated for astronomical science at the 100-m radio telescope at Effelsberg. This receiver is used to perform an unbiased, fully sampled HI survey of the whole northern hemisphere observing both the galactic and extragalactic sky in parallel - the Effelsberg-Bonn HI survey (EBHIS). We present first results based on the Milky Way data. Up to now two larger coherent regions were mapped each covering about 2000 square degrees. One of these fields covers the northern part of the high-velocity cloud complex GCN. With the better angular resolution of the EBHIS we resolve the previously detected clouds into isolated compact clumps and find a linewidth-radial velocity relation giving hints on an interaction of accreting material with the Milky Way halo.