A Cyberinfrastructure platform to meet the needs of data intensive radio astronomy on route to the SKA


Venkat and Tony heard a talk from someone on this project at the Portugal workshop.

From the Wf4Ever Website:

Wf4Ever addresses some of the biggest challenges for the preservation of scientific workflows in data intensive science, including: (a) the consideration of complex digital objects that comprise both their static and dynamic aspects, including workflow models, the provenance of their executions, and interconnections between workflows and related resources, (b) the provision of access, manipulation, sharing, reuse and evolution functions to these complex digital objects, (c) integral lifecycle management functions for workflows and their associated materials. To address these challenges, the Wf4Ever project will investigate and develop technological infrastructure for the preservation and efficient retrieval and reuse of scientific workflows in a range of disciplines. In particular, Wf4Ever will enable:

  1. The creation and management of complex Research Objects that take into account the dual nature (static and dynamic) of scientific workflows.
  2. The archival, classification, and indexing of scientific workflows and their associated materials in scalable semantic repositories, providing advanced access and recommendation capabilities.
  3. The creation of scientific communities to collaboratively share, reuse and evolve workflows and their parts, stimulating the development of new scientific knowledge.


  • Jose Enrique Ruiz 2936 days ago

    Hi !

    I am the 'someone' who gave the talk :)

    Astro-related info on Wf4Ever:


  • Cameron Kiddle 2935 days ago

    Jose - glad to see that you are on the site now. Please let me know if you have any questions!

  • Jose Enrique Ruiz 2931 days ago

    Hi Cameron, others !

    There is some movement around workflows in the mailing list of IVOA. I am gathering all interested people in workflows and VO in order to collect experiences about tools, use cases, languages, infrastructures, etc. This feedback would be very useful in order to write an IVOA Note exposing the state of the art of workflows, before undertaking the development of more complex standards. I have sent a message to Venkat, he told me he will forward to Erik Rosolowsky.

    Pleae, feel free to participate :)


  • Cameron Kiddle 2931 days ago


    Thanks for the information. Venkat has forwarded on the e-mail the you sent him. Will see what we can do to participate.


  • Shannon Jaeger 2931 days ago

    Hi Jose,

    I'd be interested in joining the discussion.  I have been working on the Visibility data pipeline (was CASA pipeline) which is a third party application linke to CyberSKA.  Dealing with the workflow is one the more challenging aspects of it so I'm open to any input as well.  I've been asked to support "redo/restart" functionality as well as the ability to go back and retry parts with different parameters for the pipeline. This will require careful record keeping, and potentially data.

    Also this last week I chatted with Andread Wicenec from ICRAR who is also interested in these issues as well.  You might wish to add him to your list of individuals to discuss issues with.    Might be helpful to create a data work flow group on CyberSKA too.  What do you think?


  • Jose Enrique Ruiz 2930 days ago

    Hi Shannon and others

    What I can tell you now is that there will be a mailing list in IVOA for discussions on workflows. I will let you know !

  • Jose Enrique Ruiz 2926 days ago

    Hi all

    for those interested in the discussions about workflows in a VO context, you can subscribe to the following IVOA mailing list:


  • Cameron Kiddle 2922 days ago


    Thanks for posting this info. I have now signed up for the IVOA workflow mailing list. Note I will be heading off on holidays at the end of next week for a month so I might be out of touch for a while.