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CyberSKA Portal Release Notes - v1.0.5 - February 9, 2011

Below is a summary of the latest CyberSKA portal release (v1.0.5) on February 9, 2010. An updated FITS viewer (v0.4.1) was also released at the same time.

Many new and exciting features have been included in this release. One of the main new collaboration features is support for subgroups. Subgroups can be created within a group to organize group members based on different roles, teams or projects that they may be working on. A subgroup has the same functionality/features as a normal group complete with it's own group page and resources, but cannot subdivided into further subgroups currently.

Another new collaboration feature is support for organizing files in a hierarchical directory structure. Previously, only a single level of directories was supported.

The FITS viewer also has several significant new features. It now supports 2D Gaussian fitting, saving a screenshot to your CyberSKA files, and a permalink feature that lets you share a link with others that will load the image with the same configuration (i.e., zoom, histogram, colormap) that you are currently viewing the image with.

There are many other new features/enhancements in this release. For more details please see the list below:

CyberSKA Portal v1.0.5

  • upgraded to Elgg 1.7.6
  • subgroup functionality added
  • replaced folder plug-in with File Tree plug-in - now supports hierarchical directories
  • upgraded to Group Custom Layout plug-in v1.3.3 (support for new widgets, improvements to color/background specification, other bug fixes and enhancements)
  • myDashboard and profile pages now have sidebar menus
  • ammended wording in password reset messages to be less spam-like
  • increased limit on pages viewable in group pages widget
  • added delete button to file list view
  • added cancel button on task editing forms
  • improvements in file type recognition
  • some performance tuning (google maps code now loaded only on member map page)
  • disabled the chat module so we can explore some performance issues that are being encountered

FITS Viewer v0.4.1

  • implemented 2D gaussian fitting functionality (supports simulated annealing and  levenber/marquardt using forward finite differencing)
  • changing histogram/colormap now uses separate thread (web workers)
  • data that is visible in browser view is now processed first
  • added progress indicator while loading files
  • implemented permalink - a link that you can share with others that will load the image with the same settings - zoom, selection, histogram, colormap
  • screenshot can be saved to the CyberSKA (ELGG) file system
  • zooming is now possible with ctrol + left mouse button
  • added option to display pixel grid when zoomed in very far
  • added flashing logo with FITS Viewer version and link to CyberSKA
  • fixed layout issues with top menus/bottom status bar
  • fixed javascript cache regeneration bug (re-uploaded files can be viewed now)
  • fixed 'zoom to selection' so that it no longer clips