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CyberSKA Portal Release News - v1.0.3 - November 4th, 2010

Below is a summary of the latest CyberSKA portal release on November 4, 2010. An updated version of the FITS Viewer (v0.2.3) was also released at the same time.

CyberSKA Portal v1.0.3

  • enhanced registration features
  • plugin for inviting others to CyberSKA site (Tools->Invite)
  • better identification of e-mails sent by portal
  • users can now view resources (file, pages, etc.) they have access privileges for from a group dashboard, even if they are not a member (i.e. public resources)
  • active users widget
  • pause animation feature on member map
  • bug fixes
    • fixes to task plugin
    • redirection for file links working again - if accessing a link for a file when not logged in, user will be prompted to log in and then be redirected to file after logging in
    • when publishing a group blog, one now stays within the group context
    • editing functionality for group widgets working again
    • other minor fixes

FITS Viewer v0.2.3

  • bug fixes
  • region statistics - user can now select a region on image and have basic statics in that region displayed (including: mean value of the pixel values, standard deviation about the mean, minimum value, maximum value, total number of pixels)