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CyberSKA Portal Release Notes – v1.4.0 – April 9, 2012

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By Rob Simmonds 3892 days ago

The new release of the CyberSKA portal is now in production. This has many updates including changes to the way data ingested into the system and improvements to the server side visualization tool.

The updates to the data management involve changing the way that files are uploaded to the portal and ingested into the data management system. Some parts of this process that were previously done synchronously are now handled asynchronously.  In the new version, users don’t wait for files to be ingested into the data management system once they have been uploaded to the portal. This eliminates a problem where a timeout could occur in the portal while the ingestion was taking place. Also a patch has been applied to the software that performs the data ingestion that was preventing large files from being ingested correctly.

Updates to the server side visualization tool improve performance and functionality. Performance has been enhanced in a number of ways including reducing the number of repaints needed, which results in better interactivity.  Also improvements have been made to the histogram dialog, the profile dialogs and the movie player.  Moving to a multi-threaded implementation of the profile generation has improved performance. Other updates and changes are listed in the release details below.

April 9, 2012 – CyberSKA Portal v1.4.0

Data Management:
 - Decoupled file upload and file ingestion
 - Updated ingest code to fix problem ingesting large files.

Server side visualization:
 -  fixes and performance improvements:
     + fixed the display of the value under cursor, in the old implementation the value of the pixel above the mouse was shown
     + mouse wheel can now be used to zoom in and out more consistently in different browsers
     + reduced the number of repaints needed, which results in better overall interactivity
     + image can no longer be panned so that it sometimes completely disappears from the screen
     + many other small bug fixes & performance improvements
 - general UI improvements:
     + improved overall layout (smaller icons, smaller text, minimized unused regions)
     + profile dialogs and FITS header dialog are resizable windows
     + the main canvas is now also a resizable window
     + added different preset layouts for windows
 - improved movie player dialog:
     + much faster switching of frames
     + slider does not jump around when dragging it
 - added timeout dialog to notify users when connection is about to expire or when it expired
 - improved histogram dialog:
     + current histogram values are preserved when playing movies
     + added ability to change clip values using a dual slider
     + added histogram plot
     + added zoomable plot
     + added logarithmic/linear plot
 - added dynamic 'Bin value' & 'Values in bin' to histogram
 - improved profile dialogs
     + added average and root mean square to the display
     + X and Y profiles automatically zoom to match the displayed portion of the image
     + all 3 profiles are now multi-threaded, making Z-profile useful even on large cubes
 - added zoom slider, eight zoom preset buttons and an automatic 'Fit' button
 - ability to freeze cursor
     + when cursor is frozen, X and Y profiles do not change when mouse is moved, and neither is the displayed value & coordinates
 - added click-to-centre functionality, which replaces the drag-and-pan
 - added rectangle selection for zooming, which replaces the shift-and-drag zoom
 - added splash screen that shows the current version
Other changes:
 - Suppressed pending registration messages that were generated when an attempt to login to an account that had not been approved.
 - Fixed bug that sent users to their personal page collection instead of remaining in the group page collection when an page edit operation was cancelled.
 - Third-party applications are now given a one-column display rather than a two-column display.