A Cyberinfrastructure platform to meet the needs of data intensive radio astronomy on route to the SKA

ADASS 2011 - Day 4

Design and Implementation of the WISE Science Data System

WISE - a NASA Medium Class Explorer Mission
4 imaging channels covering, 3.4, 4.6,12 and 22 microns.
Science data system was developed at IPAC - 6 sub-systems.
52GB/dat - high date rate and duty cycle - first data release with 6 months of on-orbit ops end)

Image Co-adders - based on AWAIC - Masci ADASS 2009 - does removal of artefacts too.
Quality Assurance - process web-based reports, make the reviewing of the data easier - good to have humans in the loop.
Archive system - has VO compatibility


sourceforge code

Linking to data - effect on citation rates in astronomy
Linking to data gives a citation advantage.
Papers that have data linked to them over 10 years get more citations than without.
Avoid: "what's my data is mine and what's your data is also mine".
Data sharing is a multi-discipline discussion

SAMP: Application Messaging for Desktop + Web Applications

Allow astronomy tools to exchange control and data. Quite widely used in desktop tools, ds9... etc

e.g. can send data from Topcat to Aladdin and back again... and then to other tools,like getting a spectra.

Platform independent. Loosely couple suites of interoperating tools.

It is Hub based, get a token form it and all clients talk to it. SAMP works well for desktop clients. Vizer can connect to SAMP - allows you to broadcast data from the web to your desktop tools. Clients write temporary file and this "url" is used by the client.


DisplayingDigital Deep Sky images

Conversion to a display format. How to keep dynamic range, get -90dB into 8 bits, normally use a stretch function, but what about using gamma as in what happens on TV displays to correct. They use gamma expansion. Much nicer looking results. Implementation with STIFF package - GPL, multiplatform.



A heliosphere VO.


ADS - all sky survey.

Seamless astronomy, dataverse platform to post dataonline

Integration with CDS... geotagging like astrotagging and use of citizen science todo this.


Worldwide Telescope

"the Internet is the worlds best telescope". flickr tool can also link to the WWT. WWT ambassadors "cooler than 'call of duty'". Can be controlled with Xbox kinect.